Friday, May 29, 2009

One More Trip To Target

I made one more trip to Target over the weekend to get the last of the dressing and meat using the $2 off coupons I had left. My freezer is full of ground beef for a little while anyway! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $86.91
Total Money Spent: $7.91
Total Saved: $79.00 (91%)
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Ziplocs, Ziplocs, Get Your Ziplocs Here!

I told you about the BOGO deal at Rite Aid on the Ziploc bags last week. There was also a BOGO coupon for the bags. The coupon only took off $2.19, so not quite completely free, but very close to it! My coupons I ordered from eBay came in on Saturday before the sale ended, so I had to drag myself out that evening and try to find enough bags in the stores around my house. I had to fight in almost every store I went to about the BOGO sale and the BOGO coupon, which is par for the course it seems with Rite Aid, even though their policy clearly states that it's okay to use the coupon with such a sale. I finally found enough after 4 stores and I was TIRED. That's a lot of Ziploc bags and a lot of arguing to get them. Whew!

Total Before Coupons: $139.28
Total Money Spent: $25.67
Total Saved: $113.61 (82%)
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$1 Flip Flops?

Did anyone get in on the 41 flip flops at Old Navy last weekend? We went past there, but I'm afraid it was one of those deals that just wasn't good enough for me to stand in the line for, especially with all of the kids and not feeling well. Some deals just don't make the cut and this was one of them. Russ took a picture of the line, but keep in mind that the line went MUCH farther than the picture shows.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thanks For Asking...

Thanks to my dear readers for asking about me and wondering about my absence this week. I've felt less than well this week and to be honest, it's been a challenge just to get up and take care of my family. The doctors are still not a lot closer to deciding what I have wrong with me and all I know is that I hurt. All of my joints hurt and they literally "lock up" to the point where it's difficult to get around. This is very hard to deal with from someone who is so independent. So, we have been making the best of things. Russ has been great with helping out where needed and letting me rest. We just have to continue to move forward in trying to find to find out what's wrong. Thank you again for everyone's concern, and I promise to post deals as I can!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Funny

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Another Awesome Target Trip

I went to Target last night and managed to get in and out with everything I needed in less than 15 minutes. The kids and Russ were waiting for me in the truck and the oldest was screaming loud enough for the entire parking lot to hear, so I had to hurry! I knew exactly what I needed though- dressing, dressing and then more dressing and some MEAT to go with it! LOL Here's how it turned out after she missed $4 of my coupons!

Total Before Coupons: $95.54
Total Money Spent: $18.24
Total Saved: $77.30 (81%)
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Anyone Need Dishwashing Tabs?

I made a trip to Kroger last week before the Electrasol coupon expired to use up what coupons I had left. The funny part about it is, I don't even have a dishwasher! I plan to sell these at our yard sale that we will be having soon. I figure someone will be getting an excellant deal! Here's what we ended up with:

Total Before Coupons: $137.36
Total Money Spent: $27.55
Total Saved: $109.81 (84%)
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tackling Target

I decided to take #1 son with me on my shopping runs this past weekend. I quickly remembered why I usually leave him (and the others) at home when I go shopping. He was actually well behaved, as well as can be expected from a child like Seth, but every store turns into a new place for a "treat." He thinks that just because we have graced the doors of a new building that it qualifies for a new behavior reward. His "treats" quickly eat into my spend/save ratio. All that aside, we actually did okay at Target this week. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $58.01
Total Money Spent: $8.95
Total Saved: $49.06 (85%)
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Walgreens Take 2

Okay, so I went back to Walgreens on Sunday to take advantage of a FEW of the deals. To me, the deals weren't all that great this week, but there were a couple that we could use and were low enough oop that I could justify them. My rationalization was that I could buy a couple of the RR producing items and then buy the other items I wanted and use the RR's to pay, thus leaving little oop expense. Makes sense, right? Well, it would unless you have a Walgreens cashier on your hands. Sheesh. Anyway, story goes like this, I put some of my items on the counter (RR producing items) ring them up, check out. Easy enough. Ring second batch of items, hand over my coupons, mass confusion ensues. From what I can tell from my receipts, when prompted for an amount on my B3G1 mac and cheese coupons, instead of putting in $1.59 for each of them , he put $6.00!!!! What?!? Is that mac and cheese plated in GOLD?!? Anyway, when he got finished scanning everything, the register said that he owed me a refund of $1.45. I told him there was no way that it could be right. He insisted it was, and that "sometimes that just happens with coupons." Oh, my. I spoke to the manager afterwards to try and correct it and he told me to keep it for my trouble. I really just think he didn't want to be bothered with it to be honest. Anyway, I came out a lot cheaper on this trip than I anticipated. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $61.08
Total Money Spent: $12.22
Total Saved: $48.86 (80%)

*Plus I still have $8.50 in Register Rewards left to spend from this trip.*
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Walgreens Wipe Out

I went to Walgreens this weekend (twice) to get in on a few of the deals. I went on Saturday to stock up on a few more of the diapers while they were still on sale BOGO and I could use the pharmacy coupon making them $2.50 per package. Not to mention, I still had some gift cards to use up from rebates I had done, so I figured no time like the present! I picked up 6 more packages- here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $49.14
Total Money Spent: $14.17 (on gift card-no money oop)
Total Saved: $49.14 (100%) WooHoo!
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FREE Cheese Anyone?

How about some FREE cheese? Buy any Alouette Baby Brie cheese and get the full cost back (up to $6.49). Just mail in this rebate form, along with your receipt and UPC code from the package by 12/31/09! Check out more details about this free offer here.

Not ONLY can you get FREE cheese, but they're also offering up an additional rebate! Just purchase any of their Alouette or Saladena products listed here, between 2/23/09 and 7/31/09. Purchase 2 get $1.50 back; purchase 3 get $3 back; purchase 4 get $5 back! Remove the UPC symbol from each product and mail in the form provided here!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BOGO Frosty Coupon @ Wendy's!

Go on over here and click on the "Get your Coupon" link. You will then be able to print a buy one get one FREE coupon for either the new Wendy's Frosty-Cino or Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty! Make sure to press your browser back button to print an additional coupon.
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FREE Ziploc Bags @ Rite Aid!

Rite Aid has Ziploc bags on sale this week for $2.99 and they are buy one, get one free! Use the B1G1 coupon from the 5/3 SmartSource coupon insert and get BOTH boxes FREE! If you are wondering how this works, the store sale gives you the first box FREE and the coupon/manufacturer gives you the second box FREE! Gather your coupons and head on over to Rite Aid! I just got 20 of these coupons off eBay for less than $2.50 shipped! You can't beat 20 boxes of Ziploc bags for that! If you need coupons there are more here. Remember, if you're worried about not getting your coupons in time, ask for a raincheck the next time you go into the store because this sale ends on Saturday!
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HURRY! FREE Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 5/20 ONLY

Claim a coupon for FREE Oscar Mayer Beef Hotdogs today 5/20 only. This offer is available today 5/20 from 9EM EST through 11:59 PM but it is while supplies last, so claim it quickly.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buy One Get One Free Minor League Baseball Tickets From Kraft

Kraft is offering an awesome deal this summer! Bring a Kraft singles cheese package wrapper to the ballpark box office and receive buy one, get one free tickets! Ticket offer is valid only on Tuesdays from May 12-September 1, 2009 at participating Minor League home games. You can find more information here.

We will definitely take this opportunity to see our Redbirds play this summer with the kids!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

HOT Printable Coupons!

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FREE Vitaminwater @ Kroger!

Kroger here in the Delta region has Vitaminwater on sale this week for 10/$10. Southern Savers has a .50/1 coupon for Vitaminwater here, so if your store doubles as most of them do, then you have FREE Vitaminwater! This coupon is in pdf form, so I'm assuming you can print as many as you want. This should make for a great opportunity to stock up for the summer!
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$1 Flip Flops @ Old Navy on 5/23

Head in to your local Old Navy on May 23rd to get $1 flip Flops! It's a one-day only promotion and I don't think there is a limit. (Last year the limit was 5 pairs per person.)

I went to this sale last year, and let me say, it was a MAD house! Russ was brave enough to fight the crowd surrounding the women's flip flops for me because I had just had Jack only 2 weeks earlier. Those women were vicious! Poor Russ almost got eaten alive. We soon realized that the men's flip flops were also part of the deal and there was NO ONE in that section, so I was able to score some basic colors for a buck! I think we will head out again this year, but I think we will be waiting at the door for them to open instead this year!

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Target: Wheat Thins & Ritz Crackers ONLY .50!

Here is a really good deal on crackers at Target right now if you have the coupons! By combining the Target coupons available and the manufacturer coupons you'll be able to score some inexpensive boxes of crackers!

Deal Scenario:Purchase 2 Boxes of Ritz Crackers $2.49 each=$4.98

Purchase 2 Boxes of Wheat Thins $2.49 each=$4.98


Then use 2 buy one box of Ritz crackers get one box of Wheat Thins FREE coupon from the 5/17SS

Final cost 4 boxes for $1.98 total, ONLY .50 per box!

This is a great way to stock up for all of the summer picnics and bbqs!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

FREE DiGiorno Flatbread Melts

The first 100,000 people to sign up HERE will receive a coupon in the mail for FREE DiGiorno Flatbread Melts. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive this great coupon! It is open now, so hurry on over and sign up for yours!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Awesome Gift Idea!

I ran across another awesome wedding/birthday/Christmas/just because gift today. Taste of Home is offering 18 of their cookbooks for only $5 each. Many of these cookbooks are staples in my collection and I'm sure would be a welcome addition to anyone else's. You can us code T0170 for 10% off plus free shipping! Sweet deal! Hurry on over and place your order today, because this sale only lasts for 3 days!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheap Pyrex Dishes!

Need some new cookware or an upcoming wedding gift? It's wedding season and it's always good to have something in the "gift closet" you can pull out and wrap at the last minute. Not to mention, I LOVE these dishes! I have one of the 3 qt baking dishes that I have had forever and it is my favorite dish to use in the kitchen. I am going to try and convince Russ that I need to order at least 4 more! At $1.99, how hard could it be?!? :) Seriously, go on over here to Shop World Kitchen and check out the awesome $1.99 deal on this great cookware! They have 9x13 baking dishes, loaf pans, pie plates, measuring cups, and custard cups (all in cobalt blue).

If you sign up to receive their emails they will give you a coupon code for another 20% off. Once you register, use coupon code A20350 to get your 20% off to off-set the shipping costs!
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Cheap Mac & Cheese @ Walgreens Starting 5/17

Starting Sunday, 5/17 Walgreens is going to have an in ad coupon for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese making the boxes .69 each. They are normally $1.59 each. If you go here and print this coupon for Buy 3, Get 1 FREE (make sure you hand this coupon to the cashier first) and then use the in ad coupon (when buying 4 boxes), you will pay a mere .12 each for 4 boxes for a total of .48 for 4 boxes of mac and cheese! Sweet deal!
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FREE Salon Treatment & Blow Dry!

WOW! This is an awesome freebie find! On Wednesday, 5/20, Kerastase, in conjunction with local salons, is offering a free in salon treatment and blow dry. There are 7 different treatments to choose from! To name a few: color enhancing, volume and restoring dry and brittle hair. All you need to do is go on over here and find a participating salon! There are salons available in over 40 states. Once you find a salon, call and make an appointment. Then go back over to the site and print your very own invitation! That's it! I hope most of you are able to get in on this deal! What a great way to treat yourself... with absolutely no money out of pocket! Although I would tip 15-25% of what the bill would normally cost. These services are very expensive normally! Enjoy!
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Target Trip Last Night

I made a late night trip to Target last night to see what I could find to go with the Kraft printables I had. Everyone has been talking about all the awesome deals to be had and I was wondering if our stores we going to have similar prices so we could get in on the good deals as well. No such luck here. Most things were higher priced here such as the Nabisco 100 Calorie Snacks and the Kraft cheese. I did manage to find some Chex mix to use with the $1/1 Target coupons as well as some clearance hand soap to use with the Target printables as well. So overall, not a wasted trip. Here's what I ended up with:

Total Before Coupons: $56.67
Total Money Spent: $8.79
Total Saved: $47.88 (84.5%)
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Free Chocolate Friday

Don't forget to register for your FREE chocolate bar coupon today! Mars is giving away 500,000 coupons instead of 250,000 this week. Head on over here and claim yours before they are gone!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walgreens Clearance Deal

There have been quite a few deals on clearance finds at Walgreens in the past couple of weeks. I was able to score on some really cheap salad dressing last night. The Walgreens near my home had Wishbone Italian dressing on clearance for .87 and I was able to use the coupon here for .75 off, making them .12 per bottle! I love to use Italian dressing to marinate chicken and make pasta salads with! Watch out for the orange clearance tags at your Walgreens stores the next time you go in to shop!
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Please Help Us Find Our Doggie!

We are asking for the help of all of our local readers! Our black lab is missing and we need help finding her!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kroger Deals 5/13/09-5/20/09 (Delta Region)

Since I can never find anyone else's blog that does the Kroger deals for our area (the Delta region) I figured I would mention a couple of the good deals going on this week at Kroger in our area.

Coke 12 pack products are 3/$11 get 1 FREE, so 4/$11- combine that with 4 of the $1/1 Coke coupons I talked about here and that makes for 4/$7 which is an AWESOME deal! I recommend stocking up for the summer BBQ's at that price!

The other decent deal I see is the Oscar Meyer Bologna for .99- combine that with the Kraft printable for $1/2 and that makes for .50 bologna! Not too bad of a price in my opinion!

And don't forget to pick up your Kraft BBQ sauce for the moneymaker that I mentioned here.
The $2.25/1 Electrasol coupon expires soon and Kroger has them for $2.99 this week. I think that's the best we are going to find, so use those coupons!

If you see anything else for our region that looks like a good deal, let me know!
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Kroger: Kraft BBQ sauce money-maker

Have you printed your Kraft BBQ sauce coupons yet? If not, go here and print off at least six $1/1 coupons. The BBQ sauce is currently on sale for around $1.08 at most Kroger stores making it approximately $0.08 each after the coupon.

There is also a Catalina deal running through May 25, 2009:

Buy 4 Kraft BBQ sauce (16 oz. or larger), Get a coupon for $2 off your next purchase

Buy 5 Kraft BBQ sauce (16 oz. or larger), Get a coupon for $2.50 off your next purchase

Buy 6 Kraft BBQ sauce (16 oz. or larger), Get a coupon for $3 off your next purchase

So, if you buy six bottles of BBQ sauce, you'll pay around $0.48 plus tax out of pocket and get a $3 Catalina good on your next purchase! Just in time for Summer grilling!

This Catalina deal has been confirmed to be running nationwide at Kroger stores, but it is likely running elsewhere as well. Let us know if you discover it is also running at a different store.
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More Kraft Printable Coupons (A LOT More!)

Here is a HUGE list of places to print more of the printable Kraft coupons. You should be able to print 1-2 more of each coupon from each link. We are going to need a deal on printer ink now! Remember to print these now because you never know how long they will last! I don't have many of these stores in my area, but I was still able to print the coupons, so you should be able to as well. Happy printing!

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Win a Text and Learn PDA from Leapfrog

Okay, Russ and I are very into technology. Correction, Russ is very into technology and I just follow along for the ride because I'm usually forced into it is nearer the truth. But, all that aside, this toy is SO COOL! Jack really needs one of these! He could be just like Daddy! I can see him now with his laptop and PDA... Anyway, I ran across this out there in bloggy land and thought it was cool enough to pass along. I know there is controversy about whether we should expose our kids to texting. Check out this article. If you have kids young enough to think this is cool, sign up!

Win a New Leapfrog Text and Learn PDA from Leapfrog
Text the keyword HORROR to 25866 for a chance to win 1 of 10 LeapFrog Text & Learn PDAs given out each day!
Enter daily for the best chance to win and save up to $25 on soon-to-be-unveiled toys and learning systems. Starts 5/7/09, Ends 5/28/09.

No Purchase Necessary. Standard text messaging fees may apply. Legal residents of the 50 United States (DC), 18+ years. To enter w/o sending a text, or for Official Rules including odds, visit Void where prohibited.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FREE Ice Cream Day @ Walmart

Walmart is hosting a free ice cream day on Saturday, May 30th at your local Walmart stores from 11am to 4pm. Available items will be: Dibs Snack Bags, Blue Bunny Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars, and Ben and Jerry's Flipped Out Cups. 1 sample per customer, while supplies last. Check to find a store near you here, as well as more details.
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Free Pass To Sam's Club

In honor of National Small Business Week, Sam's Club will give you a FREE one day pass to shop their store with no upcharge. Simply print out the form and show it when you enter and pay! The coupon is good through 5/25, so you could probably use it more than once or print two!
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*HOT* $5 Jennie-O Coupon Available Tonight!

During the NBC Biggest Loser season finale Tuesday, May 12 at 8/7 c Jennie-O Turkey Store is giving away 25,000 $5-off coupons. This would make many items sold by Jennie-o FREE! Tune in to the Biggest Loser tonight and watch for the commercial for Jennie-o!
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Awesome Kraft Coupons!

I was out at doctor's appointments most of the day yesterday, so I missed out on posting these the first time around, but it seems they have been reset, so run! Head on over HERE and HERE print out these awesome Kraft coupons! These are great for pairing with several of the current Target coupons!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

FREE Mother's Day Breakfast @ McDonalds!

Moms get a free breakfast on Mother's Day when one breakfast value meal is purchased.
This only includes the Sandwich meals (platters and pancakes meals are not part of this promo) and it is only good during breakfast hours (ends at 11 am).
Check your local area to see if they are participating.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Side Trip To Walgreens

I had to pick up a prescription for more medication this week so I did a little shopping while I waited. I didn't need anything in particular, but I still had a ton of Register Rewards to spend, so I figured I would "roll" some of them into more toothpaste and another Bayer meter. I also found some clearance, so here's what I ended up with:

Total Before Coupons: $89.80
Total Money Spent: $3.39
Total Saved: $86.41 (96.2%)
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Target Trip for Chocolate Fix

I made another trip to Target this week after discovering that the $1/1 Target Bliss coupon worked on the Bliss candy bars by the registers. I planned to stock up since I like to use candy bars a lot of times in lieu of baking chocolate in many different recipes. I've found it to be a very frugal (and tasty!) way to bake. So, here's what I ended up with in this trip:

Total Before Coupons: $82.61
Total Money Spent: $1.75
Total Saved: $80.86 (98%)
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Frugal Family Night Out

The kids really enjoyed our frugal family night out last week for Baskin Robbins 31 cent Scoop Night! The kids could care less that we were saving money, and Russ and I were happy to be spending time together as a family. A win-win situation for all!
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FREE Mars Chocolate on Fridays

That’s right – FREE chocolate! In conjunction with their Real Chocolate Relief Act, Mars is giving the first 250,000 people each Friday through September a coupon for a free Mars chocolate product of their choosing.

3 Musketeers

Limit: 250,000 Coupons per Friday (9:00:00AM ET to 11:59:59PM ET).

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Dove Visibly Smooth

Dove is promoting their new product, which they say reduces armpit stubble, so hopefully there will be a great deal coming soon to go along with it! I received a FREE full size sample and I'm really looking forward to trying this product out. Go print your coupon here and try it for yourself!
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Cheap Starbucks Fix!

If you are addicted to Starbucks like I once was, you know that it is not a cheap treat. Now, thanks to some migraine medication, Starbucks no longer tastes like a treat to me so I visit much less frequently, but you don't have to! Here's a way to have your fix, and do it frugally! From now until June 29, 2009 you can get a Grande (16 oz.) iced coffee with milk for only $1.95! See more details here.
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*HURRY* Super HOT Printable! $1/1 Coke

Go here and print $1/1 any Coke 12 pack. For now, it seems to be offering unlimited prints as well! HURRY though because there is no way to know when this one will be pulled, and trust me, IT WILL SOON! The expiration date on these is not until August so that gives us plenty of time to find a deal to use these! I'm hoping for a Walgreens RR or Target gift card deal!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Walgreens Run of The Week!

I made my first Walgreens run of the week on Sunday afternoon. I wasn't very thrilled with anything they had to offer this week, but since I had TONS of Register Rewards from last week's deals, I figured I would and score some FREE toothpaste and deodorant at least. After all, FREE is FREE, right? (wink, wink) There is a Starbucks drink and a Right Guard deodorant missing from this picture that is included in the math! I did 2 transactions. This is how my trip went:

Total Before Coupons: $89.41
Total Money Spent: $7.00
Total Saved: $82.41 (92.1%)
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Weekend Target Run

Since we were already running into Walmart to do some coupon shopping I was able to convince Russ to let me run into Target as well since they are right next to each other. I wanted to pick up some of the FREE and close to free items while we were near the Supercenter. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $74.53
Total Money Spent: $17.47
Total Saved: $57.06 (77%)
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