Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend's deals! 8/23- 8/24

Wow! What a weekend! We have been wheelin' and dealin' all over town. Two of our most notable stops this weekend were Kroger and Walgreens. I will try to summarize the deals below:

Items Purchased:
10 Rice a Roni
15 Single Kool Aid packets
2 Gold Peak sweet teas
11 Powerades
15 Vitamin Waters
3 packages of Tyson chicken tenders
Strawberry Cool Whip
3 12 packs Mountain Dew
2 12 packs Pepsi
5 packs Oscar Meyer hot dogs
3 Jello pudding packets

Total Spent: $23.16
Total Saved: $97.81
83% Savings

Items Purchased:
6 boxes of Puffs tissues
4 Dawn Detergent
14 Glade plug in air freshners
4 Dial Yogurt hand soap
6 Softsoap hand soap
12 Rimmel eyeshadows
6 Trident Xtra Care gum
1 Prep H wipes
2 2pk D batteries
4 Reynolds Wrap foil

Total Spent:$38.43
Total Saved:$180.98
79% Savings

Total Spent this weekend: $61.59
Total Saved this weekend: $278.79

And the STOCKPILE continues to grow...