Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kraft Salad Dressing for .08!

Kraft salad dressings are currently priced at $1.58 at most Wal-Mart stores. Use the $1.50/1 coupon found in yesterday's insert to get these for $0.08 each!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Softsoap Body Wash!

I was reading last night on Hot Coupon World about how the Softsoap Catalina's were rolling this week at Walgreens. I knew this was a sweet deal that wouldn't last, so I headed out to take advantage of it while I could. I ended up with 26 of the body washes. I was able to get 14 last night and 12 today before *reportedly* the deal has ended. I'll take it! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $113.34
Total Money Spent: $12.84
Total Saved: $100.50 (89%)
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Petsmart SCORE!

I was able to score BIG time at Petsmart on Friday evening. I had 8 more of the $5/1 Iams q's to use up as well as the printable Petsmart coupons from below. They did not have the Iams Smart Puppy, so I had to get the kitty food instead. Between the overage on those q's as well as the overage generated by the $15/$50 Petsmart coupon, I was able to get quite a bit for the doggies that I normally would not buy. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons and Pet Perks discount: $74.71
Total Money Spent: $7.41
Total Saved: $67.30 (90%)
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One Last Trip...

I made one last trip to Target on Friday evening to take advantage of the $2 Sutton & Dodge meat coupons. I was able to score 7 more packages of meat and 15 of the artisan sourdough bread squares. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $36.72
Total Money Spent: $7.98
Total Saved: $28.74 (78%)
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Walgreens: Free Softsoap Body Wash and Mentos Gum

Buy one 18 oz. Softsoap body wash at $3.99. Use the $1/1 coupon from the March All You magazine or the $1/1 printable coupon. Spend $2.99 out of pocket plus tax and get a Register Reward for another free Softsoap Body Wash.
Then, you can take this coupon for a free body wash and buy another which will then print another coupon. And on and on!
These rolling deals usually do not last long and there's no guarantee they will continue rolling, but while they do, it's a super deal!

Walgreens reportedly has Mentos Gum on sale 2 for $2 this month. Buy two and use two $1/1 coupons from the 3/1 SmartSource insert to get free Mentos Gum.
Also, check the prices on the Skintimate and Edge Shaving Gels. Some stores have these clearanced for $2 or less and they are still producing a $3 Register Reward making these a money-maker!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

HOT Petsmart Coupons!

Wow, Petsmart has just released some great coupons. You can save either $5 off $25, $10 off $40 or $15 off $50 from now until 3/29 with these coupons. These coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons to get some great deals on Pet food. Here are some manufacturer coupons available:

$5/1 Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Any 4 Lbs. + - 03-01-09 SS
$3/1 The Goodlife Recipe for dogs or Cats
B1G1 Free Purina Alpo
$3.50/1 Purina Food coupon

And don't forget the $5/1 Iams Smart Puppy/Kitty coupon!
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Old Navy Coupons Reset!

Well, as some of you may know the Old Navy coupons have been reset on OldNavyWeekly.com. There are no $75 off $100 or $50 off $100 coupons this week. However, there is a 30% off coupon... which isn't too bad! If you're interested here are some of the coupon locations:

*30% off entire purchase - jumping dolphin in Amy (you have to match up the heads first before it jumps out of the water) OR dog panel on lower right.

*20% off entire purchase- Movie: On Kelly's head @ 1:06*30% off a single item- also located in "boys swim trucks" in the bottom left under more fabulous finds.

*20% off two item coupon - once you make the heads to the bodies, it will appear where the heads where.

*20% off one item - on dog once you put Amy's head on her body

*20% off one item - yellow flower that the little girl in the dark and light pink jumper is holding
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap Pet Food @ PetSmart

I went to PetSmart last night to use up some of my $5/1 Iams coupons and was able to get a few bags of food. I ended up with 8 bags of puppy food and 4 bags of kitty food. We just mix them together and the dogs love it. They don't seem to mind the seafood tasting cat food at all! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons and Pet Perks discount: $91.64

Total Money Spent: $11.97
Total Saved: $79.67 (87%)
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New Camera! (Thanks Target!)

As I mentioned below, we used our gift cards from the Quaker deals to help purchase our new digital camera. Target had the Kodak M893 IS on sale this week for $99 with a $5 gift card free with purchase. Now, this is not a top of the line camera, but it gets the job done. We felt like we needed to have a camera around with the kids being so small. We also purchased a 2GB SD card at the same time because it was on clearance! Here's the math:

Total Before Gift Cards and Sale: $147.47
Total Money Spent: $ 75.97
Total Saved: $71.50 (48.5%)
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More Target Deals!

I made another trip to Target over the weekend to get Sutton & Dodge meat, Cheetos, Archer Farms bread and Mott's Applesauce. I didn't get a picture of these items because we were in the process of moving. I ended up with the following:

11 Archer Farms Artisan Bread

24 Bags of Cheetos

12 6packs of Mott's Applesauce

16 packages of Sutton & Dodge meats
Total Before Coupons: $132.95
Total Money Spent: $19.35
Total Saved: $113.60 (85%)
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Super Duper Target Deals from the Weekend!

I did a couple of trips to target this past weekend amidst the moving chaos! One of my trips to to score on the Quaker granola bar/Target gift card deal. The granola bars were on sale at the new Target by me for $1.25 each box. When you buy 5, you get a $5 gift card. But wait! I was able to trade for some $3 off any 3 Quaker product Target coupons! That made this deal a SWEET moneymaker! Target paid me $3.50 for each set of 6 boxes I bought! I ended up with $50 in Target gift cards when I was finished and we used those to purchase a new digital camera since ours was stolen when our house was broken into. Woohoo! Free granola bars and a cheap camera! Here's the math from that trip:

Total Before Coupons: $130.40
Total Money Spent: $15.00
Total Saved: $115.40 (88.5%)

*Plus I had $50.00 in Target gift cards when I left the store!*
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Print These NOW!! HOT Coupons!

Here are 2 awesome coupons that will net not only FREE products, but possibly overage as well depending on your store's policy. Print these NOW, because they will not last!

Smartsource is offering a coupon for $4 off any Pace product. I can’t imagine Pace salsa being more than $4, so possibly free after coupon. You do need to be patient as the site takes a while to load and to send to printer. To print more copies just hit the back button and you should be able to print more. I printed FOUR copies and stopped there but have read of people printing up to 10 copies.

Go here and here to print at least 2 coupons for $4 off any Knox product. These coupons can be used on the small Gelatin packets which are priced around $1.36 at Wal-Mart. You should not only be able to get these for free but you might also get some nice overage to use towards other groceries!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheap Build A Bear Animals!

Get $5 off any animal priced $10 or more at Build a Bear with this coupon. I just checked their website and it’s showing at least 8 animals priced between $10-$12 including the pictured bunny that would make a nice Easter basket present. The coupon expires 4/19. Find the closest Build a Bear store near you here.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

FREE Wooden Thomas Trains @ TRU TODAY!!

Since we will be moving we won't have a chance to take advantage of this offer, but hopefully you will if you have a Thomas fan! Go here to print your coupon for a free wooden Thomas train at Toys 'R Us this weekend. These will go quickly so if you're interested in taking advantage of this deal, I recommend going early today.

To make it more worth your while, bring your children with you today between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and they can enjoy special activities and freebies in celebration of the Little People 50th Birthday celebration. More details here.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE Pizza @ Pizza Hut!

Go here and visit my friend Katie @ Coupon Queens of Laurel to read about the awesome deal she found on FREE Pizza Hut Pizza!
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Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendar! Wednesday, April 29 from 5-10p.m. will be Baskin Robbins' Annual 31cent scoop nite! Limit 3 scoops per person, so bring the whole family!
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Thomas & Friends DVD Deal

Amazon is currently offering Thomas and Friends DVDs with bonus pack wooden train included for $7.49 each. Usually just the wooden trains cost around $10 each. These are the DVDs available:

Shipping is free if you purchase more than $25 in one order. If you have a Thomas lover you could start or complete a train collection with this offer. As the trains offered are different for each video it seems.
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It's Moving Weekend!

It has arrived- moving weekend! I've been packing and sorting all week now and it's finally here. We pick up our Uhaul truck tonight and get everything moved tomorrow. Luckily, we aren't moving more than 10 minutes down the street so it's not so bad. The worst part is we really have no help with the kids, so Russ is going to be doing a lot of the work by himself while I try to occupy the kids and keep them out of his way. Russ has an awesome co worker that has volunteered to help with the larger items so that will be a huge help. I probably will not have time to post again this weekend, so I may be MIA until at least Monday. Say a little prayer for us, and don't forget to get in on all of the bargains that Target is offering right now! Go here and here to check them out!
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Awesome Target Trip!

I went to Target last night amid the moving panic because I knew I probably wouldn't get another chance to go this weekend and pick up a few things. I just want to say I had an AWESOME cashier (Hi Judy!) who was very patient and knowledgeable about coupons. I was able to get a cart FULL of items for pennies on the dollar. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $77.52
Total Money Spent: $6.95
Total Saved: $70.57 (91%)
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old Navy coupons reset tonight!

The Old Navy Weekly Website will be reset with new high value coupons. I know that there has been lots of problems getting the site to load, getting your coupons to print, and even using them in the store. Hopefully, tonight will be much better!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

High Value Coupons

If you haven't printed these yet, do so! A lot of these coupons will net free, or very cheap products when combined with a sale or some everyday prices at Walmart and Target.

$2 off Aveeno HERE or HERE
$5 off Boost Kid Essentials HERE
$1 off Cereal
Honey Nut Cheerios HERE
Cinnamon Toast Crunch HERE
$1 off Desitin HERE
$2 off Excedrin Migraine HERE
$1 off Hellmans Light Mayo HERE
$2 off Huggies Pull-Ups HERE
$2 off Kashi Cereal Bars HERE
$1 off Muir Glen HERE or HERE
$.75 off Nature’s Own Bread HERE
$2 off PupPeroni HERE
$2 off Snuggle Creme HERE
$1 off Tylenol HERE
$1.50 off Yoplus HERE
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Cheap Wipes @ Target

I had several of the $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care coupons that I had traded for, so I wanted to go ahead and use those when I was able to find the wipes in stock last night. I ended up paying nothing out of pocket because I paid with my gift cards from the Quaker deal! *There is a business card holder that I found on clearance that did not make it into this picture as well.*

Total Before Coupons: $39.63
Total Money Spent: $13.09 (paid with gift cards)

Total Saved: $26.54 (67%)
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Target Paid ME!!

I am very proud of this deal. I honestly never in a million years expected it to work, but it did! Target has a sale going on this week when you purchase 5 Quaker products you receive a $5 Target gift card. My new store has the regualr chewy granola bars on sale for $1.25 each box. That's already an awesome deal with the gift card, but I was able to find some $3/3 Quaker product coupons to trade for, so that made this a SUPER SWEET deal! Essentially for every 6 boxes of granola bars, Target PAID ME $3.50 to take them out of the store! WOOOHOOO! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $86.46

Total Money Spent: $9.25

Total Saved: $77.21 (89%)

*Now, technically this math isn't righ only because I still have gift cards to spend. I used the gift cards to pay for all but 2 of my transactions and I had items other than granola bars in my cart. I spent $9.25, but I left the store with over $25 in Target gift cards!*
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Kroger Mega Deals

I am trying to conserve out of pocket money this week, so I only bought the mega items that were free/cheap and the items we needed (laundry detergent.) This mega sale wasn't that great in my opinion, but there were still a few deals to be had. Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $85.92
Total Money Spent: $13.11
Total Saved: $72.81 (85%)
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Weekend Walgreens Run

I had several Register Rewards to use up this week and since the Walgreens brand diapers and training pants are on sale this week for $4.50 each I decided to use them for that purpose. I also had a Walgreens coupon for $2 off each package of diapers, so I only paid $2.50 per pack! You can't beat that, or can you? LOL See below:

Total Before Coupons: $106.47
Total Money Spent: $6.19
Total Saved: $100.28 (94%)
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More FREE Goldfish!

I made another trip to Target over the weekend for one more run on Goldfish! I was able to pick up granola bars, water, and several other things on the cheap as well. The new store by me has netted quite a wealth of bargains! Here's the math for this trip:

Total Before Coupons: $128.40
Total Money Spent: $21.31
Total Saved: $107.09 (83%)
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Dish Network: FREE PPV Movies!

For those of you with Dish Network, you can go here and get 2 FREE PPV movies now through April 30th! (A $4.99 value each.)
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Download some new tunes for FREE!

How about a few new FREE tunes? Here is a HUGE list of all the Free MP3 downloads Amazon is currently offering!! There just has to be something you like off the more than 50 pages they have available. You can view all the songs here.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

FREE Spatula!

Go here to request your free spatula from Weber Gas Grills (the form to fill out is at the bottom of the home page). This is only available to the first 7000 people to request it.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

More FREE Johnson's Bath Buddies!

According to Deal Seeking Mom the IP's for the Johnson's Buddies have been reset. Remember you should be able to print 2 coupons from both links by using your browser's back button. Most stores, such as Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens carry these for around $0.99.

Some stores will give you overage on the coupons, but others will need to adjust the amount of the coupon down to the price of the item since it’s less than the face value of the coupon making them free. If you want to avoid having the coupons beep though, a simple solution is to buy one more soap than you have coupons. For example, if you’re using one $1/1 coupon and one $2/2 coupon, buy four soaps to pay $0.96 out of pocket for them.

But if you know your store will allow overage or adjust down, printing all of the coupons above could net you as many as 16 bars of Johnson’s Buddies soaps for FREE!

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YouData is by far one of the easiest ways to earn money. YouData income is not enough by itself to pay a bill, but it very sufficient in covering the out-of-pocket cost from my coupon purchases from eBay. With YouData there are no surveys to complete or product reviews to write. They simply recommend websites that they think you'd like to visit. For each site that you visit you will be compensated. You can stay on the site for one second or for one hour. It does not matter, you will be compensated for visiting.The recommended sites are selected based upon your preferences. I have visited some very nice sites that I have archived in my favorites.Signing up with YouData is really easy and so is getting paid. Use anyone of the links here and you will taken directly to the sign-up page where you can register for FREE. Leave me a comment if you decide to register!
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It Pays (in pretzels!) To Do Surveys!

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a survey on my family's snack and pretzel eating and buying habits. For my time I was rewarded with an awesome box filled with bags of pretzels! Not a bad haul for 20 minutes of my time! Moral of the story: answer all surveys you receive from manufacturer's- you never know what you'll end up with!
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Gone Fishin' At Target!

Whew! What a trip to Target last night! We ended up with QUITE a few Goldfish crackers as well as some other things. Now, before anyone gets upset and thinks I'm greedy for getting all of these Goldfish crackers, let me just say that a LOT of them will be donated. Many are going to the church's Parent's Night Out, my oldest son's school, and the Food Bank. Here's what we ended up with:

Total Before Coupons: $123.18
Total Money Spent: $7.80
Total Saved: $115.38 (94%)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Cards Are In!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about FREE business cards from Marketsplash by HP. I ordered 100 of them with my blog info to give out in stores when people ask questions about couponing, etc. (Hello to Chasity and the gentleman we were talking to in Target this evening!) I just wanted to share with you how good they turned out, so if you would know they are definitely worth the time to make them!
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Weekend Retail Therapy: Walgreens

I only made one trip to Walgreens this weekend. As good as the diaper deal is, I just don't have the out of pocket money this week. But, I was able to get in on the diaper deal once as well as the Glade and Coke deals. I plan to go back once more this week to get more Glade, Coffee Mate, and Dry Idea deodorant. I intend to use my Register Rewards from this week on Walgreens diapers and training pants next week. Here's what we ended up with:

Total Before Coupons: $147.91
Total Money Spent: $16.55
Total Saved: $131.36 (89%)

*I still have $25.50 in Register Rewards from the above deals to spend next week. So technically, Walgreens paid me $8.95 to take all of the above stuff off their hands!*

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Weekend Retail Therapy: Target

So on to our next stop of this past weekend- Target. I had several deals I wanted to score on at Target and I was lucky enough to find just about all of them. I made 4 different trips, and here's how they stacked up:

Total Before Coupons: $74.38
Total Money Spent: $24.88
Total Saved: $49.50 (67%)

Total Before Coupons: $19.56
Total Money Spent: $4.56
Total Saved: $15.00 (77%)

Total Before Coupons: $55.42
Total Money Spent: $4.79
Total Saved: $50.63 (91%)

Total Before Coupons: $44.75
Total Money Spent: $0
Total Saved: $44.75 (100%)

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Weekend Retail Therapy: Walmart

I made several stops this past weekend to get 'the deals' and Walmart was one of them. I was able to get quite a bit of dog food for little to no cost with coupons and Walmart's everyday prices. I've misplaced my receipt for the larger order, but here's my guesstimate if memory serves me correctly:

Total Before Coupons: $135.00
Total Money Spent: $28.00
Total Saved: $107.00 (80%)

On a smaller scale, I went out looking for the FREE Gillette body wash at one of my Walmart stores and although I didn't find it, I did find baby snacks at a good deal. Walmart has the Beechnut Let's Grow yogurt bites on sale for $2.00. Combine that sale with the $1/1 coupons from a couple of months back and you have $1 per bag yogurt bites. That's certainly much cheaper than the usually $2.84 price tag.

Total Before Coupons: $14.73
Total Money Spent: $6.73
Total Saved: $8.00 (54.3%)

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My 'Favorite Things' Swap Package arrived!

My favorite things swap package arrived from Terry at Cherished Treasures a couple of days ago. I had to wait a couple of days to post since my digital camera was stolen when our house was burglarized. My wonderful husband was able to procure a usb cord for my phone which takes pictures. (Not great pictures, but pictures nonetheless.) So without further ado, here are my package contents:
Cute little magnet set:

Post It Note Set:

Coffee mix, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, and eye liner:

White bunny dish and book:

Many thanks to Mamarazzi for hosting such a great swap. I look forward to the next one! Head on over to her blog, Dandelion Wishes and check out what everyone else received in their swap packages as well!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*UPDATE* FREE Goldfish @ Target!!!

*UPDATE* I have to apologize to my readers as I may have gotten ahead of myself yesterday. This sale appears to be a 'New Store Special' and is store specific. I thought I had found an awesome deal and I wanted to share it with you all! However, my local readers can still get in on this deal by visiting the newly opened Target store on Poplar @ 240.

Forget cheap Goldfish, I found FREE Goldfish today at Target! The Whole Grain version of the Goldfish are on sale for $1 each through 4/3. Combine that sale with the $1/1 Target printable found here, and you have FREE Goldfish! We will be swimming in these things by the end of the week! Woohoo!
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Iams Kitten Food @ Walmart!

If you have a kitty you may want to check up on this deal: Walmart carries the 2lb bags of Iams Kitten food for $4.87. There was a coupon for $5 off any one Iams Kitten food in the 3/1 P&G insert. Use this coupon to get these small bags for free!
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