Friday, February 13, 2009

Four Foods Friday!

Here are this week’s four questions. Let’s talk about dishes.

#1. Are your Kitchen utensils nylon, silicone, wood or other?

~Most are nylon with a few wooden spoons thrown in for good measure.

#2. Do you prefer dishes washed in a dishwasher or by hand?

~I prefer them washed in the dishwasher, but seeing as though I don't have one, I have to settle for doing them the old fashioned way.

#3. How many sets of dishes do you have?

~One very mismatched set.

#4. Share a recipe that calls for only one pot or pan.

~Hmm..all of mine call for at least 2 pots. Let's go with this recipe:

Very Yummy!


Anonymous said...

My friend was supposed to give me her recipe for white chicken chili! Now I don't have to wait on her!

Anonymous said...

Our dishes are mismatched, too. I've acquired a favorite bowl and plate, which are two completely different patterns.