Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy Coupon NIghtmares - Part 2

Being the husband of a coupon diva is not all fun, games and cheap Powerade!It happened again.....the excitement of the KMart double coupon events was obviously torturing my subconscious....I had another coupon related dream. Just as weird as before - in color and with sound.
I am frantically trying to repair a rabbit hutch, puzzling over how to patch holes in the wooden sides, debating over how to make sure things measured up correctly, looked good etc (to the point where i was tossing and turning and complaining in my sleep). I was under a severe time pinch - i had to paint the rabbit hutch white and get it ready before Diane needed to go shopping. I just abut have everything ready to go by the time Diane is ready to leave. As we arrive at the supermarket it all becomes clear. Diane has attached long wooden arms to one end of the rabbit hutch and is using it as a kind of Roman chariot - except rather than having a is being pulled along on wheels by me. As she scurries me down the aisles, Diane follows; grabbing groceries from the shelves and using the rabbit hutch as a strange 'spouse propelled' shopping cart. It was not a happy dream.

If anybody has coupons for Xanax please forward them to me via Diane...