Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Did You Do?

How did you make out on Black Friday? Were you able to cross a few more gifts off your list? I enjoyed shopping yesterday, and if it weren't for the fiasco my husband witnessed outside the Toys R Us store he was at it would have been excellent!

We started Black Friday early this year by having my husband stand outside TRU starting at 7pm Thanksgiving evening in preparation of their midnight opening. We really wanted to get our kids the Zhu Zhu pets that are so widely sought after, but very hard to find. We met that goal by a third as they limited each family to only one Zhu Zhu hamster. I'm still short 2, but I hope that I am able to find them again before Christmas. If anyone finds any extra, could you let me know?

After Russ came home from TRU and the chaos that ensued, I got ready to head out. I went to Old Navy at 3am, then onto Walmart, Gordman's, Hallmark, Bath and Body Works, Walgreens and finally Lowe's. After all that, we decorated outside for the kids and called it a night. I was in bed by 8pm last night. Whew!

I hope your Black Friday was just as great! Let me know what you got!


CJ said...

I worked all day Friday and dont like shopping anyway. But I went to Target at 7pm and got the one thing I was hoping would still be available, plus I got free cat treats!

Nancy said...

check out your CVS. I got 2 Zhu Zhu pets no questions asked...and paid with ecbs