Sunday, November 8, 2009

Look What I Got!

I went to the flea market today. I know that may make some of you cringe, but seriously, I LOVE it! You never know what you'll find there, and I usually walk away with some of my favorite items. Today was no exception. I ran into a young lady by the name of Allison. Allison owns a company called Designer Vinyl. She personalizes everything from Christmas ornaments to drink tumblers to wooden plaques! Everything she has is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention her prices are VERY reasonable. Please check her out here on Facebook. She has pictures and prices of most of her work. She will also be at the next flea market at Shelby Farms. The dates for that are December 5th and 6th. Just in time for the holidays! You can also contact Allison via email at: If you don't see an item you'd like, just ask!