Monday, December 8, 2008

Target Trips and Deals

I made several trips to Target in the past 2 weeks to get all of these deals. I went back several times looking for the Archer Farms ham steaks to no avail. I finally asked the manager if they would consider substituting since I had been to their store 3 times and they still did not have them in stock. (We only have 1 Super Target here.) Much to my surprise he said yes he would and gave me the same price per pound on the substitution! Awesome customer service!

Since I have so many receipts, I am going to list everything I bought and then give you the pictures at the end. Here goes:

I ended up with:
20~ Pepsi 12 packs
1~ head of broccoli
15~ packs of various Sutton & Dodge beef (steaks, roasts, etc.)
14~ ham steaks
26~ Archer Farms small bags of coffee
1~ box of cold medicine
1~ Pillsbury cookie dough
2~ Archer Farms yogurt (If you have not tried the Sugar Cookie flavor- GO.TO.TARGET.NOW!)
1~ bag of gummy worms (had my son with me that day)
7~ Goody Ouchless products

Total Before Coupons: $228.92
Total Money Spent: $91.19
Total Saved: $137.73 (60.2%)

The percentage here isn't as great as I would like, but for meat products I think it's really good.