Monday, December 8, 2008

Kmart Doubles Trip

I know, I am so far behind with posting! I am very sorry! I am trying to do better with my deals and getting them posted so you have time to get the same deals. Things just come up sometimes. Thanks for understanding. :)

I made 2 trips this last time for doubles. There weren't a lot of deals to be had since my Kmart is no only a Big K versus a Super K. They are no longer going to have groceries with the exception of a very limited amount of items. I was able to get some deals because what food items they did have were marked down 40% off. I had a bunch of $1 off coupons for Philly cream cheese, so that combined with the 40% netted me FREE cream cheese of all varities. I also got quite a few free Loreal eye shadows. These will come in handy for Christmas baskets!

Please forgive me, but I have misplaced my receipt. I do remember that I ended up paying less than $30 for everything here.

**I have more deal posts coming this afternoon and evening, so come on back by and check them out!**