Thursday, September 4, 2008

Krazy Kmart Doubles?

So, I read on HCW that some Kmarts were going to be doubling coupons for the next 4 days up to $2!! I couldn't believe it! It was too good to be true! Alas, I called the store and Corporate yesterday to no avail- no doubles for Memphis. Well, I logged in to HCW this morning to see how everyone else was doing with their Kmart craziness and lo and behold had a PM from a fellow Memphian saying she had been to the local store and they WERE going to double today! I rushed through my coupons pulling out any I thought might make a decent deal and threw the kids in the truck. Ok, I didn't throw them, gently shoved maybe? :)

Long story short, I spent and hour and a half in the store getting my deals only to be told my the manager that the signs had been placed in error and Memphis was NOT part of the test market. Well, you know me, I went to the front of the store ready to pitch a hissy fit (yes, I will do that) and the supervisor said that they would double mine since I was already in the store. I think it was more about her having a easier day, but I didn't care. So here are my deals....

Total Before Coupons: $153.21
Total Money Spent: $12.40+tax

Total Saved: $140.81 (91.9%)