Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Month Anniversary!

It has absolutely flown by but I have now been recording my coupon deals in this Blog for exactly one month! Even I have been surprised by how quickly the dollars add up - my figures for the month are detailed below - these put me on track for $30,000 of savings over twelve months!
Total Before Coupons: $2451.46
Total Money Spent: $407.28

Total Saved: $2044.18(83.4%)

In addition to these savings, I have also collected a stockpile of $112 in Kroger Catalina vouchers and $100 in Kroger giftcards (see earlier posts!).
From my coupon trading, I have a positive balance of $50 in Target gift cards and $22 in Paypal funds.
Most importantly this has been great fun so here is to the next month of couponing!