Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Threat of Manager Dan

This weekend's haul hasn't been quite as impressive as past weeks, but still not too shabby. Walgreens has a sale that runs from today through the end of September on Robitussin cough medicine as well as Dimetapp cold and cough medicine. You buy 3 @ 3.99, use 3- 3.00 off coupons, and get a 10.00 Register Reward. These are like cash on your next purchase. So, basically you are out of pocket 3.00 + tax and get back 10.00. I used these 10.00 RR's for soda. I also hit up Walmart and Kroger today. I cashed in on the rest of my Cleanteam coupons and formula checks at Walmart and the rest of our Cottonelle coupons and some Vitamin Water at Kroger.

The Walmart trip left much to be desired today. As usual the store was overcrowded, the cashier's attitude was horrendous and everything took twice as long as it should. My very friendly cashier (NOT!), Tina, questioned every coupon I handed to her and had to count the cans of formula more than twice to be sure I had enough. She was soon joined by her customer service supervisor, Tim. Neither could figure out how the formula checks were really supposed to be used (as checks, a form of payment) not as vendor coupons. I mentioned the head manager of the store, Dan, whom we had previously had discussions with about coupon usage, and they decided to 'just push them all through.' I was more than happy with that considering this whole process had been less than pleasant. The lesson learned here is that whenever you are unhappy with the way you are being treated at Walmart- wave Manager Dan at them!

Here are the pics and the math:

Total Before Coupons: $255.28
Total Money Spent: $31.92

Total Saved: $223.36 (87.5%)