Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts @ Walgreens!

Ok, I must admit that these are not part of my diet plan, but the deal was too good to pass up! They will come in handy for treats, cookies and other special events. I sort of got in on this deal on the last day as I wasn't able to find a Walgreens near my home with these in stock. Finally, I found a store with 12 in stock, and I'm guilty of taking them all. After the Easysaver coupon and sale these came out to .50/per bag. Not too shabby for something that normally runs $4.79 per bag! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $59.70
Total Money Spent: $8.22
Total Saved: $51.48 (86.2%)
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Coupon Code for Oriental Trading

I don't know about you, but I love this catalog and website! They are perfect for birthday and holiday parties. They currently have a $10 off $10 coupon or "key" code available. The code is: AVA910. I was able to get enough of 3 different items for my son's class for Valentine's Day for FREE plus shipping. Can't beat that! Much better than even shopping for the same items at Dollar Tree and much better quality. Head on over to Oriental Trading and see what you can find a good deal on!
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Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living!

I've seen a lot of free magazine subscriptions come and go, but never a Martha Stewart magazine! Hurry on over here, take a short survey and get your free 12 month subscription!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Food Score @ Walmart!

Beechnut (the baby food company) put out a $1.00 off any one of it's Let's Grow products here a couple of weeks ago. Since jack is 9 months old now, I made it my mission to score as many of these as possible. Here's what we were able to get at Walmart:

Total Before Coupons: $59.56
Total Money Spent: $9.31

Total Saved: $50.25 (84.4%)
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3 Kroger Trips

These were 3 of my Kroger trips from last week. There weren't a lot of items on sale, but the ones I was able to stock up on were free! These were good examples of waiting for a sale. These items in particular go on sale about once every 4-6 weeks. so I know when I get my hands on coupons for these to hold on to them! They will become VERY valuable! The math below is for all 3 trips together.

Total Before Coupons: $111.23
Total Money Spent: $8.68

Total Saved: $102.55 (92.2%)
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Kmart Doubles

I went to Kmart for doubles a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now posting it. I'm sorry! Bad blogging mommy! :) I didn't do all that great simply because my Kmart is now only a Big K versus a Super K. I have so many HBA items already that we really don't need more, so I am usually only interested in the food deals. Since they became a Big K their food selection is very small, but I did manage to score a few deals! Forgive me, I've lost my receipt on this one, but we got everything including the Christmas items for next year for less than $20.
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Free Valentine's Photo Cards

Go here and sign up to create and receive 6 free Valentine's photo cards. These are perfect for teachers, grandparents, or friends. Use the coupon code Valentine at check out. Code is valid through February 1st.
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Free $10 gift card!

For today only, is giving away $10 gift cards to everyone who signs up. Go here to get your card. The only requirement is that you invite a friend to also snag this deal. is a deal site which offers one very reduced offer per day. From looking at previous offers, it looks like you should definitely be able to get something or more than one thing for free with this $10 gift card. You have until February 8, 2009 to use the gift card.
These will go quickly so act fast!

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Free Diet Dr. Pepper!

Dr. Pepper is giving away your choice of either a free 2 liter or 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper. Go here to sign up for your coupon!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Is he your only child?

Um… No. I actually got asked this question yesterday at the surgery center where my son had his tonsils and adenoids removed. This was middle son, age 3 ½. I’ve been asked this question before with every one of my children, but my question is why? Is it because I am a ferocious advocator for my children, because I ask a million questions before I allow various medical procedures to be done, because I get teary eyed watching them be taken off to said medical procedures, because I play with them, tell them I love them, hug them- what is it? What constitutes the behavior of an “only child mother?” I used to get really offended when someone asked this question. My assumption was that they were calling me over protective and a pain in the you know what because I had asked one too many questions or shown too much concern over something. Now, I just find it sad. Shouldn’t all children be treated like “only children?” Shouldn’t all children be treated with the same love, care and concern as an only child?

Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you that life as a mother to 3 children is no picnic. That’s an understatement really. There are times when I feel like running away. Just kidding! But there are days that get the best of me. That still doesn’t mean I love my children any less, and I certainly don’t love any one of them anymore than I love others. But I will always treat each of them as if they were my only child. I hope you do too.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally! There are deals to be had!

In this new year there are finally some bargains and deals to be had after what has seemed to be an eternity. Ever since Thanksgiving the deals just seemed to dry up for our part of the country, or the coupons became too hard to find. Not to mention that planning the holidays isn't enough work in itself.

Anyway, it gives me great pleasure to say that the deals are back! Here are a few that I am late in posting.


I was able to get 2 different deals at Walgreens since the first of the year. One was on Reynolds Foil. I ended up with 20 rolls! I didn't take a picture for whatever reason, but here's the math.

Total Before Coupons: $21.63

Total Money Spent: $1.83 (tax only)

Total Saved: $19.80 (91.5%)

The other deal I was able to get at Walgreens was the 100ct. boxes of Equal sugar for FREE! Here's the math:

Total Before Coupons: $54.63

Total Money Spent: $4.63 (tax only)

Total Saved: $50.00 $ (91.5%)
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Hope For Our Country

These words have been flying around the Internet like wildfire since the inauguration yesterday, but I find them moving enough to bear repeating. I am proud of my country and it's ability to come together to elect possibly the most important president of my life time. Rock on America.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Gather Your Coupons!

Alright, here we go! Finally, some decent grocery deals! Kroger will be having their Mega Sale this week and possibly next as well. During this promotion you buy any combination of 10 of the advertised products and receive $5 off your total order. Usually you can do this 3 times per transaction. So 30 items for each time you check out. I have most of my coupons cut, sorted and ready to go, but still have some on the way from eBay and trades. Some of the products I am most excited about are: Green Giant Steamers, Armour Meatballs, Goldfish, Kraft Mayo, Hormel Chili, Rotel Tomatoes, Daisy sour cream, and Kraft cheese! Let me know what you plan to buy! You can check out some of the match ups here, but remember it varies by region.
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Hi Terry!

Hi there Terry! Terry is my Valentine's Swap buddy for this go around. I am very excited to learn more about you Terry! Your blog looks awesome! I do need your email address though! :) Feel free to email me at . I look forward to "talking" to you soon! For those that don't know Terry- check out her blog here.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freebie for the Boys

If you have boys (men) in your house then here is the freebie for them. Go here and order them their very own Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords 2009 Calendar. Use code freecalendar to get it for free with no shipping cost. Hurry- these won't last long!
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Happy Anniversary, Honey!

It's our anniversary today! It's been a long, rough year, but here we are. I love you more today than I did a year ago, and I'm positive that love will continue to grow despite our best efforts to annoy each other to death from time to time. Even though we are two completely different people, we still manage to find common ground in the love we have for each other and the love we have for our children. For that, I thank you. You are my husband, my friend, and my soul mate- the one I never thought would come along. Luckily for me, I only had to go halfway around the world to find you. :) I love you. Here's to another awesome, fun packed year....
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Guess What? Another Valentine's Swap!

I'm so excited to be participating in 2 Valentine's Day swaps this year! Our second swap is graciously being hosted by An Island Life! Such a beautiful blog and a beautiful place! You have until January 31st to sign up for this swap. Head on over and sign up here. Make sure you either answer the questionnaire in the comments section, or post your answers on your blog. My answers are below:

What is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day? Dinner at The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant) with my husband and someone to keep the kids for the night!

In reality, what is your Valentine’s Day really like? Take out and sharing a box of chocolates on the couch after the kids go to bed.

If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be? Cheesecake..YUMMMMM

Is there any sweet treat you absolutely do not like? Licorice, Jelly Beans, coffee cake

If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out? Well, I can't swim, so it would be up to hubby to rescue me or throw the kids in to drink me out! LOL
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Valentine's Day Swap

Oh goody! Since I did a stocking swap at Christmas I've been dying to do another swap. Leave it to my bloggy friend "J" to have another posted right on her blog for me to find this morning! Thanks J!

Anyway, Belle over at Life of a Southern Belle, is hosting an awesome Valentine's Day Swap! You have until Friday, January 16th (aka TOMORROW) to sign up. So hurry on over and leave her a comment letting her know you want to be a part of the fun! Sign up HERE.
Coffee, Tea, Both or Neither? BOTH! I love good sweet tea, and love Starbucks!

Regarding chocolate...Milk, Dark, White, All, None ALL!
What are your hobbies? I love to cook, shop (much to my husband's dismay :), and be a mom!
Do you collect anything? Anything Paula Deen.
What are your favorite colors? Pink, Aqua, Purple
What magazines do you subscribe to or routinely purchase(we don't want to buy you something you already have!) None
Do you like to cook? YES!
Do you like to read? Yes
What is your favorite book? Love cookbooks and mystery suspense, but my favorite book is Gone With The Wind.
Favorite music? I like a little bit of it all!
Do you like to work in the yard? No, it's hubby's chore! :)
Do you like to entertain? Yes, love it!
Favorite stores? Target, Starbucks, Lane Bryant, Catherine's and of course WalMart!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Click HERE for your coupon for a free bottle of Suave lotion!
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Things This Thursday

I decided to participate in this little linky today. I never do these and this one seemed the appropriate time to brag shamelessly with pictures of my kids. :) Here they are!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pampers Points

I received an email in my inbox this morning regarding a new "free" points code for the Pampers Gifts To Grow program. I don't buy Pampers frequently enough to use the program, but for those of you that do, here is a code that will get you 3 points: HAPPYHOLIDAY089. Enjoy!
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Baskin Robbins New Line of better for you ice cream!

To kick-off the season of making New Year's resolutions, Baskin-Robbins®, America's favorite neighborhood ice cream shop, is ringing in the New Year with the introduction of BRight Choices treats. BRight Choices are better-for-you light ice cream options including fat free, dairy free, no sugar added and light ice cream offerings. BRight Choices flavors have all the great taste and quality customers expect from Baskin-Robbins but with less guilt. It's a great option for moms looking for a healthier option while out with their kids. To celebrate the launch of BRight Choices, Baskin-Robbins is celebrating the bright choices customers make each day with BRight Choices Day on Jan. 15, 2009. On BRight Choices Day, participating Baskin-Robbins shops nationwide will offer a free BRight Choices scoop to any customer with proof of a gym membership. BRight Choices flavors are indicated by a pink star decal.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Does anyone provide good customer service anymore?

I guess we are in for one heck of a year at my house! We had 2 horrible customer service experiences on New Year's Day! I am not looking forward to the year if it continues as it started, that's for sure! You can read more about what happened to us here in my husband's new blog!
He's very excited to start his blog this year. I got him a new camera for Christmas and he plans to take pictures of all the cool things he sees as well as blog about cool Memphis facts along the way. My dear husband is British. I bought him off eBay and had him shipped over about 2 years ago. :) He is seeing more and more each day that living in Memphis and visiting Memphis as a tourist are two COMPLETELY different things, much to his dismay. Have fun readings his rants over at Mad About Memphis: the Musings of a Misplaced Brit.
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Well, it's that time of year again. Time to promise to better, do more, and make ourselves better people. I usually dread this time of year because somehow I always end up feeling like a miserable failure because my previous year's resolutions seem to have been put on the back burner for whatever reason. Well, I am determined this year is going to be different! It's time to make resolutions for myself and stick to them because I know they are going to make a better me, a better mom and a better wife. These are for no one else but me. Selfish? Perhaps. But I feel like it's something I need to do in order to be the best person, mom and wife I can be. So without further ado, here they are:

1. Get healthy. Now this is an all encompassing resolution. I need to lose weight- BADLY. We aren't just talking about 50 or even 100 pounds here either. Although these would be a great start! But there are so many other things besides just losing weight. I need to eat healthier, exercise, and learn to accept my body the way it is-regardless of size.

2. Become a better role model for my children. Part of this is included in the resolution above. I know that if I become healthier, my family will in the process. I want to be more nurturing and take time out for the things that matter like playing cars or riding bikes. So what if the next blog post doesn't get written or the next deal is missed? It's the little things that count.

3. Make time for my husband. We have 3 children. We have a special needs child. We have little time that is childless. These are all excuses. We must make time. I would like to have at least one "date" night per week with my husband to talk about us, about intellectual things, about the weather, anything but the kids. Now, I don't mean that to sound as horrible as it does, but the majority of our time is spent discussing the kids. And while I know that's our duty as parents, we also need a little time.

4. Find a doctor that can help us with Seth- his diagnosis, his medications, his behaviors in general. We NEED a definitive diagnosis and we really needed it yesterday. I am determined to find someone that can finally help us get what we need for him. With that, much of our family stress will resolve.

5. Take a class, any class. In my role as mom and wife I've somehow lost or forgotten who I am and sometimes I feel completely inadequate as a person. I really think that being able to get out of the house and stretch my mind occasionally would do me the world of good. Sometimes I just feel stupid. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it's just "mommy brain," but whatever it is, I don't like it.

Well, those are the top 5. There are more I would like to accomplish, but I feel this is a good starting point for me. If anyone has any constructive advice, I would love to hear it, especially about weight loss. I plan to post about accomplishing these goals throughout the year as well so that you may see my progress!
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Stocking Swap Loot

I had the opportunity to participate in a stocking swap hosted by Tara over at The Well Rounded Woman, and it was tons of fun! My swap partner was Jeannie from Musings from Left Field. She's such a hoot! We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and chat through email and comments. I had these awesome things in my stocking on Christmas morning: a Paula Deen candle, Starbucks gift card, candy, fridge notepad and a dvd! Awesome gifts! I was super excited because everything she picked out is definately me! Thanks Jeannie, I hope you enjoyed yours!
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