Monday, May 18, 2009

$1 Flip Flops @ Old Navy on 5/23

Head in to your local Old Navy on May 23rd to get $1 flip Flops! It's a one-day only promotion and I don't think there is a limit. (Last year the limit was 5 pairs per person.)

I went to this sale last year, and let me say, it was a MAD house! Russ was brave enough to fight the crowd surrounding the women's flip flops for me because I had just had Jack only 2 weeks earlier. Those women were vicious! Poor Russ almost got eaten alive. We soon realized that the men's flip flops were also part of the deal and there was NO ONE in that section, so I was able to score some basic colors for a buck! I think we will head out again this year, but I think we will be waiting at the door for them to open instead this year!