Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheap Pyrex Dishes!

Need some new cookware or an upcoming wedding gift? It's wedding season and it's always good to have something in the "gift closet" you can pull out and wrap at the last minute. Not to mention, I LOVE these dishes! I have one of the 3 qt baking dishes that I have had forever and it is my favorite dish to use in the kitchen. I am going to try and convince Russ that I need to order at least 4 more! At $1.99, how hard could it be?!? :) Seriously, go on over here to Shop World Kitchen and check out the awesome $1.99 deal on this great cookware! They have 9x13 baking dishes, loaf pans, pie plates, measuring cups, and custard cups (all in cobalt blue).

If you sign up to receive their emails they will give you a coupon code for another 20% off. Once you register, use coupon code A20350 to get your 20% off to off-set the shipping costs!