Friday, May 29, 2009

Ziplocs, Ziplocs, Get Your Ziplocs Here!

I told you about the BOGO deal at Rite Aid on the Ziploc bags last week. There was also a BOGO coupon for the bags. The coupon only took off $2.19, so not quite completely free, but very close to it! My coupons I ordered from eBay came in on Saturday before the sale ended, so I had to drag myself out that evening and try to find enough bags in the stores around my house. I had to fight in almost every store I went to about the BOGO sale and the BOGO coupon, which is par for the course it seems with Rite Aid, even though their policy clearly states that it's okay to use the coupon with such a sale. I finally found enough after 4 stores and I was TIRED. That's a lot of Ziploc bags and a lot of arguing to get them. Whew!

Total Before Coupons: $139.28
Total Money Spent: $25.67
Total Saved: $113.61 (82%)